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žThe present continues tense is formed in this way:
žPresent tense form of the verb ‘to be’ + base form of verb + ing
žThe following verbs do not usually take the continues tense:
žBelieve, hear, own, belong, know, see, contain, like, smell
žWe use the present continues tense to show that an action is going on at the time of speaking or writing or is planned for the future
žShe is studying English this year
žThey are singing a pop song now
ž I am writing a letter for my friend at the moment
žHe is dancing salsa tomorrow
žYou are watching television this time
žWe are riding a horse on the farm now
žThey are swimming next monday
žHe is not studying France now
žYou are not going to school today
žShe is not taking a bath now
žWe are not learning how to operate this machine now
žI am not sitting on the chair this time
žThey are not reading a magazine now
žAre we studying English now?
žIs he playing badminton now?
žIs she buying a book now?
žAre they having dinner in the restaurant now?
žIs she having a shower in the bathroom?
žAre you watching television in the livingroom?

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